Résumé :

In 1964 – he was 31 years old –, Georges Duboeuf, born into a family of winegrowers that had lived in the Mâconnais since the 17th century, created his company "Les vins Georges Duboeuf." Fifty years later, the founder has imposed his name on the entire world's tables. Today, his name is identified with Beaujolais Nouveau, which he triumphantly presents, each third Thursday in November, as well as crus from the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions.A peerless taster as well as a marketing and communication man, Georges Duboeuf has paired his company's image with the most prestigious names in haute cuisine, show business, the press and literature, from Paul Bocuse to Michel Troisgros, Georges Blanc and Guy Savoy, from Patrick Bruel to Lambert Wilson, without forgetting his dear and utterly loyal friend Bernard Pivot.In this book, written with the complicity of Jean Orizet whose father, Louis Orizet, was Georges Duboeuf's "pen" for 30 years, the man whom Paul Bocuse calls "the king of Beaujolais" recounts his exceptional commercial and human adventure.
Georges Duboeuf is one of those men who makes people love France.